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Paper Submission

Paper Submission

Dear Authors,

Pay attention to the quality of the published articles which should be characterized by excellent knowledge of the area of research, with appropriate citations the literature. Submitted papers will be subject to a double-blind review process. All accepted papers will be published in the scientific journal “Studies & Proceedings of Polish Association for Knowledge Management” (online and hardcopy). The previous volumes of the journal can be find here:


The topics of the papers include  e.g.:

  • knowledge management in the organization,
  • knowledge management application and tools,
  • business intelligence tools and applications,
  • engineering of knowledge management systems,
  • knowledge management in project, knowledge management in processes analysis, knowledge management in administration,
  • knowledge management in education,
  • intelligent learning systems,
  • decision support systems, integrated management information systems,
  • effectiveness of knowledge management systems,
  • knowledge management in web-based systems, social and ethical problems in knowledge management.

Instructions for Authors

The works will be published in English, with an abstract (maximum 250 characters without spaces) and it will summarize: the main topic and the purpose of the research, the methodology used by the author/authors and the most important findings/results. The abstract will be submitted to the following e-mail address:

  1. A4 paper size – margins in mm: top 62; bottom 48; left 36; right 34
  2. Header and Footer 4.4 cm.
  3. Full article – font: Times New Roman 10, single spacing in the paragraph, indent the first line of a paragraph 0.63 cm. Justified text in a paragraph.
  4. Links – quotations from the literature – in square brackets, numbered, in the alphabetical order, the range of pages given after the comma,  for example. [4, 67-78].
  5. Tables 9 point font. The number and title of the table above the table.
  6. The tables only in the setting of the page in the portrait orientation, located on the 1st page.
  7. The numbers and titles of drawings, screens, diagrams, charts and other graphics placed under these objects. Please do not automatically number tables, drawings and other objects (insert numbers manually).
  8. Under the drawings, tables, screens, diagrams, charts and other graphics materials it is mandatory to indicate the source (also from own research).
  9. When referring to tables, charts, screens, diagrams, charts, and other  graphics use parentheses and for literature – square brackets.
  10. Figures and tables of good quality (they can be scanned).
  11. Elements of drawings made in MS Word should be grouped together.
  12. Drawings, diagrams and other  graphics in black-and-white (grayscale), a maximum width of 14 cm.
  13. The volume of the article: from 15 to 20 thousand. characters with spaces (including drawings, tables, graphs, and any other graphics). A single-page drawing corresponds to about 3200 characters.
  14. Hierarchical system of numbering of sections and subsections is required, Introduction and Bibliography is not subject to numbering.
  15. At the end of the article full affiliation, e.g .:
    John Doe
    Department of Computer Science
    Faculty of Management
    University of Warsaw
    e-mail: janko @ wp.pl

Prof. Ludoslaw Drelichowski
President of PSZW

Prof. Waldemar Bojar
Editor-in-chief of the magazine
Studies & Proceedings PSZW

The final  article and the declaration (in total) must be sent by e-mail: contact@pszwcongress.pl before starting the publishing  (30.06.2017) and mailed with the signed original declaration.

Articles in Polish or English, will be published in the series Studies & Proceedings of the Polish Association for Knowledge Management (Study Materials and Polish Association of Knowledge Management) – 8 points. by scoring MNiSW.

Contact person:

Dr. Zdzislaw Polkowski


additional e-mail address:


Download instructions for authors, Polish version 279 kB

Download the template article, the Polish version 135 kB

Author’s Declaration, English version 40 kB



Zdzisław Pólkowski